New Zealand Mustang Clubs

All New Zealand Mustang owners are encouraged to join a club and promote the sport.

Membership growth for all the clubs has been very strong in the last few years, as interest in classic cars and Mustangs in particular has increased dramatically.

Typical club activities include car shows, organised runs, gymkhanas, arranged visits to places of interest, club Xmas parties, and performance days at racetracks and drag strips. etc. While all the clubs are strongly social, (there are lots of female members, and most activities can be attended by the whole family), the performance activities aim to keep enthusiastic drivers happy too.

The combined membership of each club provides a valuable pool of technical data and experience of great assistance to new (and old!) members with their car maintenance and rebuilding activities.

The clubs host a national convention on annual rotation, each Labour Weekend (mid October). In 2012 the Manawatu club will host a national convention in Wellington for the first time.

The total number of Mustangs in New Zealand is the subject of some speculation, but most estimates place the number at over 2000, with additional cars are being imported all the time.

Clubs around New Zealand

Canterbury Mustang Owners Club 
Southern Mustang Owners Club
Auckland Mustang Owners Club 
Waikato Mustang Owners Club 
Bay of Plenty Mustang Owners Club 
Taranaki Mustang Club 
Manawatu Mustang Owners Club